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Land Of Witch Elves is a unique, hand-drawn, NFT collection centered around a mystical universe! Your NFT grants you access to all the benefits and works as a pass within the WitchElves world. Holders will be able to access the DAO and all future roadmap goals, such as the mini-games and the land builder. Every piece is uniquely generated from a range pool of attributes with different rarities.

Universe Story

The WitchElves story,

In an enchanted world where strange beings live, various tribes of Elves with magical powers inhabit in the most peaceful places of the area, their magic now only serves to hold distant strange annoying monsters who enjoy stealing objects and feed on theirs teeth. They got tired of wasting their power and wanted to explore the unknown rest of the land. Who knows what lies in the land that has not been explored..


The first utility our holders will be able to access will be the DAO, Just connect your wallet and the system will check if you hold one or more of our NFTs and will grant you acces. You will be able to see a homepage, voting/poll section to vote on decision and development, a community wallet page where you will see the balance and activities planned for that wallet, a giveaway/raffle system accessible only to our hodlers and a exclusive news section.



Going public

Our first objective is to go public with our Discord, Twitter, Instagram and website. Starting our marketing campaign and starting to fill the 3 different tiers of whitelist that will be assigned on our Discord Server, building some engagement for the mint and release. Also sharing our personal info to bring to you a fully Doxxed team


Socials Website Doxxed


Witchpaper Events Giveaways

Community building,events and whitepaper.

Shortly after releasing the project, we will release a detailed White paper that will go in depth for those of you that want to learn more about the project. While our team finishes preparing the assets for a flawless and secure launch we will host some giveaways and community events, in which you can win whitelist spots/NFT or enter an item in the collection


Pre-Sale and public mint

The marketing campaign and community events will lead us to the discounted pre-sale and mint day. On mint day we will Airdrop the giveaway won NFT and the rewards earned ones. We will create a community Wallet where all the 5% of the profits will be held for community events and floor sweeping.


Pre-Sale Mint Airdrop Wallet


Dao LandBuilder 1° Minigame

Holder access to the universe.

Shortly after the mint closes, our holders will have access to: WitchElves DAO, where they will be able to join exclusives giveaways/raffles, enter a voting/poll section to participate in the development of the project and see exclusive dev news, and see the community wallet balance. All this while, we continue working on the first mini-game and Land builder system that will come in the future of our universe. After that we plan to start rolling out access to the first mini-game with a leaderboard that will allow you to compete on a leaderboard to earn items for your land or even NFTs. Close to this release we will make public the first version of the Land Building system (v0.1) where our holders will be able to start interacting hands on with our system.


Future Plan phase 2

Development will continue, and we are already testing and working with candy-machine-v2 to bring STAKING to our holders. More utility will be released. Alongside the big updates of the land building system and ecosystem, we have a lot of ideas that will be chosen or discarded with your help in the DAO.

Main Ideas:

Staking Cities Mutation

Sale Informations

Pre-Sale Information



Public-Sale Information

The Team

This is our small but hardworking team


Main Developer/Marketing


Artist/Graphic designer




Frequently asked questions

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  • 02 Is the team Doxxed?
  • 03 When will the project mint open?
  • 04 How can i enter the withelist and why should i?
  • 05 How can i buy a nft?
  • 06 How can i create a wallet?
  • 07 How were the rarities and traits determined?