In an enchanted world where strange beings live, various tribes of WitchElves with magical powers inhabit in the most peaceful places of the area.
Now their magic only serves to hold distant strange annoying monsters who enjoy stealing objects and feed on their teeth.
But after a while they got tired of wasting their power and wanted to explore the unknown rest of the land. Who knows what lies in the land that has not been explored..

Project Overview

Land of WitchElves is built to be a long term project.
Our idea is to create a community around a great colletion, with this unique artwork we don't just want to bring to the public a awesome looking collection that you can hold and resell but we want to bring also some utility and fun to our holders.

First of all let's talk about the artwork.
Every piece will be an unique hand-drawn NFT, generated from houndreds of possible items. Every Witchelve will have different traits, like : Face, Clothes, Wand, Creature, Background, Accessories and more..

Your NFT will work as a pass within the WitchElves universe.

We want to build a ecosystem of webapps that will create the WitchElves universe, integrating blockchain technologies and functioSnalities to our apps.
Diving now in the utility of the project we will find 3 main focus points :


Every holder will be able to access the Witchelves DAO.

Here you will be able to navigate a development section where you will find polls to answer, votes to make and actively be a part of the development of the project.

We want to really engage with our community even on the development side and we hope to create something that will satisfy everyone.

You will find a section where you will be joining unique raffles/giveaways exclusive to our holders that will be airdropped directly in the winners wallet.

You will also be able to check the balance of the community wallet** We will create a community Wallet where all the 5% of the profits will be held for community events and floor sweeping. and see what the balance of that wallet is being used for.

Lastly you will find a exclusive news section.

**We want to create a community Wallet where all the 5% of the profits will be held for community events and floor sweeping.


By owning a WitchElves NFT you will be able to enter the gaming district and play different minigames.

Each minigame will be unique and will feature a scoreboard. By playing and appearing on the scoreboard you will be able to unlock achievement,items and banners for your land/home.

But also we will create weekly/monthly events where the top players of each game will be able to win SOL or NFTs.

First minigame: Witchelves ilde/clicker.
Click the cauldron to generate flux, spend your flux to buy ingredients,pets and upgrades. Start earning passive Flux and get on top of the leaderboard!

Remember this is a very early alpha development image.
More info, videos and dev updates will come going forward.
You will find the up to date information on the discord Server and in the next whitepaper updates

Land Builder

Being a holder of one of our NFT will allow you to claim one plot of Land.

This piece of land will be the future place of your home.
You will create,customize and name your terrain.

Every land will be displayed in a Land-explorer section where you will be able to see and vote other Members creations.

This functionalities are just the beginning of what we have in mind and will develop for this system.

In the future you will be able to place you land in villages and cities scattered around in the Land Of Witchelves.

A complete explanation of the LAND BUILDER with images and details is goign to be released on a dedicated UPDATE.

Images of the early alpha of the land builder will be posted as soon as possible!


Our objective is to create an engaged community that will stay by our side in this journey and support us.

A project is nothing without his community, so we want to make our memebrs feel like they really are being a part of something.

We want to create a space on Discord where holders can talk,play and enjoy themself togheter.
We want to have community members that will be so excited with the project that they want to share it with their friends.

But most importantly, we want to find ways to reward the ones that support and stick with us.
Community members will be at the center of the experience even on the development side

When we have a important decision to make we want to take it with you.

Who are we

Land Of WitchEvels, is a passion project, brought to you from a couple that after a bit of time of living together wanted to try and create a project combining both of their field of interest.

Him a techie/developer and her an artist/creative mind.
But Also with the help of a friend we made on the way JD93 that will help us with marketing and discord moderation.

We are very invested in the project and really believe in what we are doing, i hope you can get a glimpse of our passion too. Since we have project made by hidden faces we want to be as clear as we can so here we will have links to our personal social:

Matteo Consoli (italy) - developer

Margherita Ferrari (italy) - Artist


Our plan of action is divided in stages, the first stage will be the building block for the whole project , the one where we build the community we market and release the first mint
The second stage is where we are going to start rolling out the utility we are working on and start to bring in the community to develop the upcoming features , start events and raffles for the holders.

Stage 1 / Launch

  • Go public with socials and website
  • Release whitepaper and doxxing info
  • Community building, social media marketing,events and giveaways.
  • Whitelist levelling and community engagement
  • Pre-sale launch
  • Public mint
  • Airdrops to winners

Stage 2
  • Listing on secondary market ,Audit with MagicEden
  • Going public with the DAO
  • Release the beta of the clicker Game with leaderboard and first challeges
  • Release the alpha of the landbuilder and the Land-explorer
  • Continue the development of the universe with the first surveys and polls to let the holder decide how to move going forward.

Stage 3 the future
  • Cities and Homes to the Land Builder/System
  • NFT mutation
  • Staking